Country day

When our friend Batbold asked if we wanted to join him and some of his mates for a day out of UB, I was like, ‘oh hell yes!’…

Such a great day… I did, after all, have my first ever shot of straight-up whiskey… three in fact… and two right before we played a game of Mugby, outside, in -20 weather.

Here’s a little video that captures the adventure, including driving through a very different part of UB than my last video showed….

Around Town #2

I thought a video would help you get a better idea of what UB is like.

This starts just outside our apartment block, and finishes in front of the State Department Store.

What this video doesn’t show is the crazy traffic you often experience here. For whatever reason(s), it was an eerily quiet Sunday.

Oh, and FYI – I make no apologies for any motion sickness this video causes you. Welcome to my world. Bumpy roads combined with the heaters blaring in cars can often make for some very green passengers!