Touring China

Oh no, I’ve turned into one of those bloggers who lets their blog lapse. Shame on me.

So I went to China with Jilly in April. We took the train from UB to Beijing, spent a few days there, headed down to Guilin (add it to your bucket lists, people), shot over to Yichang, got the boat down the Yangtze to Chongqing, and then rounded off the trip in Hong Kong. What a trip!

Finally, I put together a video from the trip, so feel free to view it:

Good morning, Vietnam!

Kai and I spent an amazing week on the beaches of Nha Trang. It was spectacular, and I highly recommend going there. I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy this view:

Having lived in Mongolia for some months now, we were completely overwhelmed with the fresh food! This is me about to cry when I took my first bite of watermelon:

And of course, these days, what would a Shantasia post be without a video?! Keep an eye out for the monkey about to eat a banana … he’s also fond of pork rolls 😉

PS. We booked our holiday with Sina from Flight Centre in Alice Springs. She’s a top chick and always nails the travel brief! Have a chat to her if you’re planning any holidays. I also love that we live in UB and she lives in The Alice… the wonders of the interwebs!