Sliding train doors

In the recent ‘I heart my friends‘ post, I posted a photo of me and Richard, some bloke I met on a train.

The story doesn’t end there.

When we were on the train, Richard told me he worked for the same mine that I do (I’m just normally based in the city) on a pretty specific part of the project that some of our friends work on. And that’s how I figured out he would know Craig. When we left the train, I of course told him that if he was ever passing through UB and wanted a drink at the Big Irish, then let me know! But I guess I didn’t think much more of it.

Anyway, two weeks ago I was down on site, and I went over to see Stripey Mike.

Stripey Mike works in the same area as Craig… which means… the same area as Richard! Completely unexpectedly (I didn’t know just how closely they all worked), I ran into Richard. And he greeted me with a huge hug (which sure did confuse the people around us!). Now, he had only met me once, on a train, and he greets me with a hug… I love this guy!

So I was a bit bummed to hear that he is retiring, and he’ll be leaving much sooner, rather than later. I mean good for Richard, but seriously, our friendship has just begun! From what I can gather, there’s a few other people in the Richard Fan Club that are also upset that he’ll be leaving.

As it happens, I was down on site while Richard was having his retirement / birthday party… and I received an invite! (ok, ok, so I found out about it, and I begged to have my name put on the door list. You’d do it too…)

What a guy! All the best Richard, and I hope life makes our paths cross again.

The ‘Richard Story’ is such an obvious ‘Sliding Doors’ moment. Life is pretty cool sometimes.