Mongolian Vegemite

One of my very considerate and hospitable work colleagues generously gave this to me on Friday afternoon.

Not sure what it is? See if you can guess.

I was with Jess (aka the newest and arguably biggest Shantasia fan – love your work Jess!).

After some egging on from our Mongolian co-workers, we thought “why the hell not?”, cracked it open and… well… the results were not pretty:

It didn't take us long to figure out this was not going to be a fun experience...

Here goes nothing...

Down the hatch....

Please don't throw up there Jess...

Please don't throw up there Jess... you're right near my laptop... I don't know how I would explain that to IT

And she's off... "to get water"

Meanwhile, while I was wetting my pants with laughter and just to prove that we hadn't been set up by our Mongolian colleagues, I asked Tuul to take a swig. She drank it like a champion... she is clearly CRAZY!

You would think that after Jess’ reaction, that I wouldn’t be stupid enough to drink it. But I’m not the brightest, so I gave it a try. Maybe not my finest look, but it kinda sums it up…

So what was it?

No, it wasn’t Airag (fermented mare’s milk) as I suspect many of you have guessed. I actually am yet to try this local delight (Batbold and Uyanga this is NOT an invitation for you to give me some next time I see you guys!).

It was camel’s milk. And to be fair, it kind of tasted like cow’s milk… that had been in the fridge for about four weeks… and then left in the sun for two days.

When you think about it, it’s kinda like Vegemite… if you don’t grow up with it then you think the locals are nuts for loving it.

One thought on “Mongolian Vegemite

  1. OMG camel’s milk — weirdly, now that I know what it is, I kind of want to try it. I bet baby camels are totally into it!

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