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I’m going to make the effort to put up more pix of what UB looks like.

For two reasons: 1) I get the sense you guys are genuinely interested in seeing these pix. People often ask me what it looks like, and I guess my response of: ‘Kind of like a deserted Soviet outpost, on account of it being a deserted Soviet outpost’ doesnt’ really help.

The second reason I will be posting more pix is because it’s an easy way to keep this blog updated now  I have found myself a job.

I blame this whole job business on Kai. He was in a meeting, they mentioned the need for someone to help with communications, he suggested they give me a call. So they did. And now my days of updating blogs and playing Bridge are over.

I try not to complain too much, because it really is an excellent opportunity. I am working for the internal change management communications team. There is no shortage of work to be done, and when you’re talking change management in a land like Mongolia… well, there’s no shortage of challenges either.

But it does mean my hilariously funny blog posts will be less frequent (feel free to blame Kai for this too). Ergo, I shall attempt to satiate your Shantasia appetitie with photos from around the traps. Deal? Ok, good.

Let’s start with these:

This is within our apartment compound, walking home from the grocery store (about a five minute walk away). Every time I see the mountains in the background, I can't help but think that old mate Chinggis Khan once roamed around there. That's pretty cool...

Taken from the window of the Irish Castle pub, which is right next to the supermarket we were walking home from in the above shot. We live about 4km from the city. It's a straight run into town on this road. In this photo you can see the pillow of smog that clouds the city. It's from a number of pollution sources, but namely the fires they burn in the Ger district to keep warm.

Taken from the 11th floor of my office building. You can see Sükhbaatar Square in the distance, which is right in front of Government Palace. The reason I took this photo was because of the protesters gathering in the square.

This was the group of protesters gathering. We had been given a security warning that they might attempt to enter our building to protest against one of the other companies that are located there. They didn't. The trade unions are basically protesting a heap of domestic issues including high cost of food and fuel. It's election year (elections are in June), and the protests will only get more heated and intense.

4 thoughts on “Around town

  1. Good to see a post again Shaz, as always we love the glimpses you provide us with from your live in Mongolia.

    One of my friends in Holland put a screen shot on Facebook of the weather of the coming week and said “it is going to be cold!” Their temps were minus 7 degrees, so I told him he shouldnt be winghing….you can beat that by -40 degrees easily..!!!
    Stay warm.

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