A real-life rumble

On our way home from the Black Market (see post below), a fight broke out in the car park.

This is what happened:

  • A guy was trying to reverse his car up an embankment. Mongolians are not known for their superior nor safe driving skills. So he basically stuffed it up so badly that he hit another car.
  • The guy from said hit car thought it would be a good idea to stand in front of his car.. ie. in the line of poor parking man. A precarious move, if ever I’ve seen one.
  • Poor parking man tried to park for the third time, and failed again. But failed so badly that he actually had pinned precarious move man between the two cars.
  • The best decision poor parking man ever made was to give up.
  • As he drove away, precarious move man kicked the tyre on the car of poor parking man.
  • The worst decision poor parking man ever made was to slam on his brakes and get out of the car so he could express his feelings to precarious move man. ┬áMaybe we should just call him ‘dickhead’, as in… ‘Really dickhead, you’re going to take him on? Because he’s TWICE THE SIZE YOU!!!’…

So that’s pretty much how it started. We had front row seats to this spectacular-spectacular. We weren’t going anywhere – the cars were blocked in. And we caught about the last four minutes on video. It had already been going about 5 minutes by the time it starts.

Now, the best thing about the video is the commentary. You can take the bogan out of Australia, but you can’t take the bogan out of me. Seriously, I come out with some crackers… ‘awww yeah, it’s a scrag fight!’ or ‘awww, he took him down’.

Although I think my favourite bit is, toward the end of the video, I say: ‘oh, I shoulda got it all on video’. Doh! How was I to know Kai was filming? I was trying to figure out how I could join in this real-life rumble!

At the beginning of the video you can hear the honking... yep, all these cars were getting a little annoyed that they couldn't get out!

Bonus points if you can spot the Mongolian Jason Moore look-alike.

8 thoughts on “A real-life rumble

  1. As always a GREAT read! and the photo’s are very creative, even though Kai does look a little evil cutting up that poor little baa lamb.
    Looking forward to the next episodes – hugs

  2. It seemed at the beginning to be good cat fight. So funny so Mongolia. Missed Jas, I need a clue there.
    Gosh Shan what a birthday present a rumble.

  3. That’s insane, you live in a mad place. I thought living in Katherine I’d seen my fair share of public biffo but that puts Katherine to shame….and possibly no grog involved. ALthough seeing the vodka aisle at the shop, not sure about that. Also loved the random items people were walking past with from the market.

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