Mall of Mongolia

The Black Market (Naran Tuul) is UB’s answer to Jinger’s Tats & Bunnies (Dong Jiao).

Although the few times I have been there, I have seen neither a bunny, nor a dodgy tattoo parlour operating out of a portaloo… so in other words, it’s not quite as good.

I suppose, to be fair, the bunnies and the tats could be lurking there somewhere. Not only is this market huge, it is also completely outdoors. Which translates to, ‘get what you need, and get the eff out of there before you are frozen solid’.

And, for the benefit of my loyal readers, I risked frost bite by taking off my mittens so I could get these photos for you. Do you know how long it takes to type these posts with only one finger left?

Anyone for a couch?

Ridiculous temperatures aside, check out that blue sky!

Kai was in heaven - the hardware section... lots of hacksaws and other sheep chopping tools.

Even the locals look cold, right?!

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