Little lamb

No really, it does, and I strongly advise you don’t read it if you are vegetarian or have a weak stomach. My intent is not to offend people. So please, do what you will with this information, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you… ok?!

* * *

I suspect we will find ourselves saying ‘Well, we are in Mongolia’ quite a bit during our time here.

Like the time I put the call out to neighbours to see if they had a hacksaw we could borrow… so we could carve up the whole lamb we’d purchased for about $60 that was now on our kitchen table.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be more disturbing when we unwrapped it.

But I think I found Kai's maniacal grin more disturbing!

These were our primitive tools... if only we'd had a bandsaw.

Perhaps the most valuable tool we had was the iPad... how else were we going to find out how to carve up a lamb?

Again Kai, maybe don't look so happy?

Initial success... the sheep was now in two parts.

Err... should I open this photo up to a caption comp?

I stupidly didn't get a photo of the finished butchering, but Kai did a pretty good job... of course my reading out of the instructions was probably the reason.

Gory photos aside, I kind of like that a little Mongolian farmer just down the road delivered it to our apartment. Well actually Julie Veloo delivered it – boy, is she one cool woman… I so badly want to be her when I grow up – go check her blog out) … anyway, who knew that sheep weren’t born with styrofoam trays and wrapped in cling wrap?

And I also think it’s hilarious that “no freezer space? no problem!” Simply put it in an esky and stick it on the balcony! IT IS AFTER ALL MINUS 25 OUTSIDE!

4 thoughts on “Little lamb

  1. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for the conversation where you both realised you would have to chop up a sheep on your kitchen table.

  2. Well Done! All I can say is that if you think it is weird receiving packages like this , you should try being the one who delivers them. It is a bit like being Bad Santa! Hope the lamb was as delicious as it looks….wait, maybe I hope it was more delicious than it looks!

  3. The look on Kai’s face is one of a man who has finally found his life’s purpose. Also, I’m guessing that if it is -25 outside, you’re not going to be using your balcony for lazy Sunday sessions…

  4. Brings back memories of Keswick / Pop and Nan and the weekly ritual of kiling the sheep, at least you didnt have to catch it and then kill it etc etc – you actually got the easy part!

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