Vodka aisle

Kai and I have been busy scoping out supermarkets around town. It’s not like walking into a Woolies or Coles, where you can be pretty certain what will be on the shelves.

It’s a little more hit and miss here – sometimes you can buy milk, and sometimes you can’t.

But one thing you can be sure to find in every supermarket is a well-stocked vodka aisle.

This is one of the more modestly sized ones.


7 thoughts on “Vodka aisle

  1. I have heard food shopping in Mongolia described as foraging. Very true, unless you want cigarettes, vodka and boiled lollies – you can get those anywhere.

  2. I know that Russia has a bit of a public intoxication issue, but does Mongolia have an issue or is it mostly seasoned drinkers?

    • For as much as I make light of the plentiful vodka, it really doesn’t help the really very obvious and widespread alcoholism problem, Dan.

      Public intoxication is definitely an issue, as I am sure are the many other problems associated with alcoholism – domestic violence, unemployment, depression… and on it goes.

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