Mongolian wrestler

I’m not sure if this guy’s jacket was the official Mongolian Wrestling team uniform. But considering my Mongolian is so poor, and the only way to confirm is if I were to mime being a wrestler, I decided not to ask.




3 thoughts on “Mongolian wrestler

  1. I am sure that I speak for all readers of this site when I say, we all wish so so very much that you had mimed your way to communication Shannon… An opportunity for cultural interaction and mutual understanding has now gone forever. How very sad.


  2. He is a very famous wrestler in Mongolia, called Sumyabazar Dolgorsuren who won once in a state Naadam festival, 4 times in a second place of the Naadam. I am pretty sure he is a official member of Mongolian national freestyle wrestling team as a trainer or something as well. But he is not wrestling anymore. If you know Asashoryu Akinori from Japanese retired sumo wrestler, then this is an older brother of him!

    • Really Manlai? That’s awesome!! But I am even more glad now I didn’t act like an idiot around him!! I had a feeling he might have been an athlete – he was pretty buff :-)

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