Best story ever?

Moving around a lot can sometimes be a drag. But when I think of all the interesting / awesome people I’ve met, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Like this guy (actually, I’ve not met him. But I know his mum, so I’m really hoping that two degrees of separation still counts as being cool by association).

Ashley’s story is one of the best… no strike that, THE best story I’ve ever heard. Now before you go getting all upset because I don’t think your story is the best, hear me out…

He ran away to join the circus.

See, I told you! Cool, right?!

The story goes something like this:

Ashley was studying at Uni and had a pretty good intern gig that was going to set him up for a life as high-flying (pun totally intended) engineer but just wasn’t feeling the love. To let off some steam after work / study, he would go hang out (I’m on a roll with these acrobatic-inspired puns) at the local acrobatics school in Freo (that would be Fremantle in Western Australia for you non-Aussies).

He was ready to throw in the towel at uni, but eventually cut his mum a deal that he would finish his degree (we’ve all been there). Which he did. But when he finished, he still wasn’t convinced that he wanted to wake up at 40 and wonder why he hadn’t become an acrobat. So he moved to Beijing, studied acrobatics, broke a lot of stuff in his body including his back, still persisted and at 25 is now performing in Brazil.

Even if you put aside all of the cool circus stuff, the fact that he had the courage and determination to say ‘screw it, I’m going to change course, work bloody hard and see what happens’ is impressive in its own right.

Now you’ve read the story, watch the video (which is of him in his first acrobatic competition – oh, and he WON!) – and I think you’ll agree:


PS. Go check out his mum’s blog – her name is Susie, and she’s pretty cool too!

6 thoughts on “Best story ever?

  1. That vid was awesome: such strength; such beauty; so much talent. I wish I could’ve seen his face ..and I wish I had a talent.
    Great story!

  2. I was happily making my way through your blog when I saw this. What a great story!! ????.
    Shannon not only are you a great writer BUT an awesome listener!! With no notepad, on a short ride home, you seemed to have nailed the story-you must be a champion “Chinese Whispers” player!!! I will direct Ash to your blog, I’m sure he will be amazed and humbled to read how others view “his story”. Xx

  3. I also was making my way through your blog and came across ‘Ashley..circus’ and knew exactly who you were talking about having met him and YES..definitely impressive and inspiring!

  4. Hmm your Uncle on Kais side finished his trade AND then ran away to the circus.
    OK he was the horse wrassler, he knwe horses thats what the family hobby was! No acrobatic talent.
    Much later he took his trade and became a mining exec so I guess anything is possible!

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