Best gym ever?

I’ve become quite aware of what I like in a gym. A variety of classes, solid equipment, a spacious free-weights area, grunt-free zones, clean showers. Oh, and good looking staff members help too… you know, just the basics.

But I scrunched up my check list and threw it out the window when I walked into my new gym… a drinks fridge with Heineken and Tiger beer? Oh hell yes! Where do I sign up?!


8 thoughts on “Best gym ever?

  1. I am soooooooooo very glad you sent me this post. Good to see my friend is well looked after in such a (sometimes) grim place. Hope the results are the same xoxox

  2. You will fit right in here Shaz. None of this fluffy city stuff. You are a country girl at heart. Pump iron and down grog. Perfect harmony with its location…

  3. Is that for real? Can you smoke while doing BodyPump as well?? Dangerous place. But very exciting and good to see you are back into it. See if you can find a new Mika….

    • I am sure if you wanted to smoke, you could!

      And there will only ever be one Mika! Although I have found myself an insane boxing trainer.

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