For the Aussies reading this: What do you get when you stick a rissole inside a pasty?

For the Nebraskans reading this: What do you get when you stick a meat pattie inside a Runza?

For everyone else: I got nothin’!


The International Women’s Association of Mongolia recently posted a link to a recipe on their Facebook page. So I thought, why not, live on the edge, let’s make Khuushuur for dinner!

They're essentially meat patties / rissoles inside dough. Fyi - this is them pre cooking!

Living in these far-away lands has made me very resourceful. No rolling pin? No problem! There's always a wine bottle on hand!

Just don't forget to put the lid back on after you take a swig and before you start rolling again!

Then you fry them up (hey, I never said they were healthy!)

And ta daaaaaa! Delish!

Now, if I was a better food blogger, like my friend Jen who writes Paddington Pantry then you would get a step-by-step recount, hilarious commentary and some highly stylised photos. Hmm… come to think of it, you’d just get an overall better blog experience.

Go read her latest post On grapefruit…
Seriously… the award for best line in a blog goes to: And why does such an ordinary tasting fruit have to be so comically large?

FYI: I’d love to link to the recipe I used, but it seems the website is now down. But a simple search for “Khuushuur recipe” will throw back many results – so be a devil, and why not make them yourself!

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