Zaijian Jingers!

It was a little sad saying goodbye to Beijing.

I know many of you will want to know what I enjoyed most about living there, and what I will miss most. Well, the food was awesome, and much to the disappointment of my gym trainers, probably a little too awesome. I made some great new friends, from all over the world. Practising my Chinese on taxi drivers was a hoot, especially when I could make them laugh with me and not just at me. Another plus of living in Beijing was being able to get whatever I wanted from places like the Tatts & Bunnies market (I finally learnt the Chinese name for it… Dong Jiao. I suspect the literal translation is Rabbits and Tattoos).

I will miss my water man, who whenever he saw me walking around Central Park (where we lived) while he was making a delivery would yell ni hao with tremendous gusto! I will miss my Jamaica Blue friends, both the staff and the regulars. And my Jambo Juice lady, who was one of the first people in China I interacted with regularly.

But there’s probably two stand-out ‘things’ I’ll miss most.

Firstly, Saturday Night Dinners, which were sometimes known as Friday After Work Aria Bar Drinks, Sunday Boat Afternoons, Absinth Sessions at Sandy and Paul’s, Wednesday State of Origin Piss-ups or Sunday Night Feeds. But it always involved Sandy and Paul, or Bill and Cathy, or when we were really lucky, all four! Sometimes Kai was not in town, sometimes Paul was not in town… basically, whoever was in town joined in for the closest thing we all had to a family dinner! And sometimes this even included out of town visitors, like Jilly, Duggie, Helly, Brucie and Paul-E!

Saturday Night Dinners were the best, and I sure will miss them!

Thanks to Sandy & Cathy for looking after me in Beijing!

We always went to good places, but this was the best. It's in fact my favourite restaurant in the whole world!

And then there were the trainers at the gym, who were a big part of my Beijing experience. Even though I never said more than ‘ni hao’ to most of them, they all felt so familiar. I saw more of them than anyone else during my time in Jingers. And I had so much fun with the ones I did deal with; more fun than I could have possibly imagined having my ass kicked day in, day out to be. Thanks gym boys – I will miss you!

Yes Ian, your muscles are bigger than my head!

This is my Gung Fu Shifu, Li Guo. Twelve months ago I would never have thought I'd be learning Shuang Jie Gun! I love how I am holding them like a pair of maracas!

And then there is this guy... Mika! Even though he left Beijing a couple of months ago, he played a big part in my Beijing experience. Leaving him out of this post just didn't feel right!

So even though I didn’t have quite a Peter Hessler-esque experience (he’s the author of River Town, which I highly recommend you read because it’s everything Shantasia is not… an insightful, poignant recollection of his time spent in China), I definitely had my own experience. And, I wouldn’t change one bit!

But here’s to our next adventure… sain baina uu Mongolia!

5 thoughts on “Zaijian Jingers!

  1. Your blog makes me weep, really and truly cause now it really is over. Miss you heaps, Beer&duck, family restaurant, tatts&bunnies – in fact the whole of BJ will never be the same. What I will miss most are your wonder nick names for everything and everybody. Big hugs and looking forward to the wonders of the Golia, right here! Take care, big hugs – Mrs. Catchy

  2. Oh Shantasia, Jingers will miss you also. But, Mongolia will welcome you with open arms. Not sure if Mongolia is quite ready for you actually!

  3. Always the people you meet who make every experience in life so special. Great that you reallyl embraced Beijing and made the most of it. You rock Shan, not many people would be so flexible and easy going when thrown in new adventures all the time. See you soon. xxxx

  4. As one door closes, another opens. You have kept us all smiling and crying with you as you have embraced the happy Chinese girl inside you bursting to get out and sing and dance down the street, and I have no doubt that Mongolia will be nothing but the same. Travel safe. Travel well. Travel.

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