Big mouse

When my Chinese teacher drew this the other day I had two thoughts:

1) Chinese characters really do look like little pictures.

2) What the hell is it?

When he told me it was a Kangaroo, it reminded me of a conversation I had with Mika many months ago.

“Australia is famous for big mouse, no?”

“Rats?” I thought it interesting that my 24 year-old Chinese personal trainer even knew about our Prime Minister.

“No, not rats…” he raises his hands to his chest, palms facing outward and curves his fingers over and down… and then begins to hop.


“Yes! Kangaroo!”

“Where did big mouse come from?”

“Chinese characters for Kangaroo kind of the same as for big mouse.”

I guess that’s why my Chinese teacher drew a picture of an ant on the belly of big mouse that was standing upright and throwing a yo-yo.

Speaking of a logographic writing system (I kind of was), here is a snap of some of my fine Chinese writing:

My teacher insisted I take a photo. I am not sure why. Maybe he thinks it is worse than his drawing of a Kangaroo.

3 thoughts on “Big mouse

  1. You are learning the hell out of chinese :)

    I’ve been told more than once that I must be a fantastic skiier… at first confusing but now I just point out that Australia and Austria are in fact different places. Big mouse/kangaroo seems like a similiar conflation!

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