Scary Shan

No sooner had I posted Roll Call about the Australian brood, when my peeps from across the Pacific chimed in with their own China-inspired story…

My sister-in-law (Kai’s sister) posted this on my Facebook about my gorgeous four year-old nephew:

Poor Henry. I felt terrible! I don’t mind being Crazy Shan or Silly Shan, but Scary Shan? I don’t want to be that person. Of course my response was that I would never hurt him because I love him far too much.

And what good luck that the Seattle Crew will be in town when I return to Oz in October.

Bring. It. On!

One thought on “Scary Shan

  1. I thought he would be super impressed by your mighty gong fu! Silly me, thinking a 4 yr who likes to dance around being The Underpants Ninja would think real martial arts are cool. He IS looking forward to seeing Auntie Shan, though!

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