Tuni bags

Sandy, Cathy & I went to a Tuni Bag workshop last week.
Now before you ask, what is a Tuni Bag, well, truthfully I am still not sure I really know.

But that’s cool, because we got to hang out, and do some stitching, and let our creative juices flow.

It started with a needle, thread and a blank canvas.

Cathy was quick to find her rhythm.Sandy found her groove too.Me? Well, I just kinda faffed about, taking pictures. Like pictures of this cute kid. How stylish is he?!

And photos of these two chicks. How hot are they?!

2 thoughts on “Tuni bags

  1. Yes, it was a fun afternoon. We will soon see how our creativity turns out when they advise us that they have made our “works of art” into Tuni bags. Could be interesting.

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