Shantasia shit itself

Thank you to my loyal Shantasia fans for sending me messages of concern. Some suspected I may have been censored for my hard-hitting reporting on Bananagrams, others feared my new interest in Gung Fu and shuang jie gun (nunchuks) may have ended with me knocking myself unconscious.

Let me allay your concerns and tell you what really happened: put simply, Shantasia the blog shit itself.

Quite seriously shit itself.

About two weeks ago, just as I sent a new post alert to my faithful subscribers, it upped and died. All posts gone forever… despite tireless attempts made by Kai (husband) and Andrew (friend) to retrieve them. Thank you boys for your efforts.

Ordinarily, I would be quite upset by this. Six months of ‘work’ just… kind of… evaporated. But I was strangely calm (shut up Kai, that was me being calm). Ok, ok, so after my initial reaction of despair, I was strangely calm. And I think it’s because of all the work I’ve been doing to protect my qi or balance my zen.

China, if nothing else, has taught me patience.

Not all is lost. I still have all the photos, and they are filed on my computer according to blog post title. Another thing that was salvaged were all of your comments; I love that, as they are what make me smile.

And, it’s not like the conversations I have enjoyed with Mika over the past 6 months didn’t happen. Or, just because my blog posts are no longer there doesn’t mean I had less fun touring around China with Jilly. And I know that I did the Fluck Up family name proud in Mongolia. All of these wonderful experiences happened, and I will have the memories backed up safely in my heart forever.

Above all that, no one died or lost a limb, and my niece’s birthday present finally made it to Australia. Life. Is. Good.

But, I wondered if I might take a break from Shantasia. My life has become quite normal and routine, and even, I thought, a little ordinary. Between getting my ass kicked at the gym and getting my ass kicked by my Chinese teacher because I forget simple words, like supermarket or apple (incidentally, I have never forgotten the Japanese word for apple…), I wasn’t sure what else I could report.

I mean seriously, in the last few weeks the most interesting things I have to tell you is that I had dinner with an international man of mystery, took my first ride on a rickshaw, drank beers in a tattoo parlour, found the best Mojito Bar in the China, and, after a few too many Mojitos, had a fluid conversation in Chinese with a taxi driver (luckily we weren’t talking about apples) who insisted he was from Peking, not Beijing, but was happy to teach me some Shanghainese words.

But while I was pondering whether or not to lay Shantasia to rest, posts continued to pop up on Facebook asking when Shantasia would be back, and emails started arriving with messages of encouragement to get it back up and running.

So here it is, or here I am, putting the Shan back in Shantasia!

8 thoughts on “Shantasia shit itself

  1. Yay! I love Shantasia. The weird thing is I can still see a lot of your old posts in Google Reader. Not sure what that means… Maybe I have magic powers?

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