Snobby dogs

Beijingers love their dogs, and I don’t mean as a menu item. Thousands of pampered pooches live in apartments all around us, and every afternoon they are out being walked, sometimes on a leash, often not.

One of the earliest things I noticed when I arrived is that Beijing dogs are snobs. They never come up to say hello, or to give you an awkward crotch sniff or hump of the leg. They just completely ignore you.┬áIt doesn’t worry me… I really try not to take it personally… it’s just another profound observation I have made.

But months of being invisible to the local canines made yesterday’s brief encounter with a little poodle even more noticeable. It sniffed my feet, looked up at me, I said ‘ni hao xiao gou!” (hello little dog) and off it went to (hopefully) enjoy its day.

So puppy, if you’re reading this… I never got to say this to you a) because you ran off too quickly and b) my Chinese isn’t that good, but what I really wanted to say was:

“Thanks little dog for validating my existence!”

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