Funny guy

So it turns out my Gongfu Shifu is a funny guy.

Picture this:

I am in the middle of sparring with my highly-accomplished Gongfu Shifu (who incidentally is a lover of wine, but that’s a story for another post) when he says with his limited English vocabulary:

“Look, a UFO.”

To which I laugh, and say: “Haha, good one, you almost distracted me.”

In that instant, while I was complimenting him on his joke (and was quietly congratulating myself for not looking), he stood on my foot.

“Owwww! You stood on my foot.”

“Yes. Always you must focus!”

He’s always giving me good advice like that. Kind of like when he hands me the Shuang Jie Gun (nunchucks) and says: “Be careful.”

To which I always reply: “Thanks for the hot tip.” And then immediately proceed to hit myself in the head / back / eye / bum / all of the above.

Today he told me that I ‘make his heart fast’.

I know what you’re thinking… “oh, that’s a little awkward, but kind of flattering that he has a crush on her.”

No, he just meant that I give him a heart attack every time I pick up the Shuang Jie Gun…. shame.

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