Breaker 1-9

This here’s Rubber Duck. You got a copy on me, Big Ben?

The company I work for, the project I’ve been involved in for the past 18 months, shipped (or at least trucked, given we’re in a landlocked country and all) its first product.

Was it a big deal? Yep, it really was.

16 trucks left the gates with the Prime Minister, Mining Minister, a ton of other VIP guests and hundreds of employees waving them off.

About 15 years ago, some Mongolian geologists (who are now rock stars at the company… wow, I’m not even sure that pun was intended) found a massive ore body. Three years ago, construction started on the open pit and concentrator (the kick-ass machine that converts rocks into stuff that sells). Construction on the underground mine continues (for those playing at home, that’s where Craig the hair works). When fully operational, this mine will account for over 30% of Mongolia’s GDP.

Forgetting what this means for the company or even on a larger scale, for Mongolia, on a personal level, this milestone meant I got to work with some pretty awesome people. Even if they do call me UB Drama Queen or Princess, they still make me laugh even when I’m freaking the hell out.

So, while almost four months have passed since the last Shantasia post, know that while I’ve been “head-down bum-up”, I’ve been having a (highly stressful) blast.

Although, one of the things I did fail at is capturing this time on film. I had big visions for a Shantasia spectacular, spectacular! BIG.

Alas! Sometimes the day just takes over. But, thanks to Chinbat Jamiyan, one of the guys I’ve been working with recently, I managed to put together a little something for you to watch. Most of the photos in the video are his.

And Kev and Tim, if you’re reading this, I chose the soundtrack for you guys. Keep on truckin’!

Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your… tail. Out.

3 thoughts on “Breaker 1-9

  1. …looks like we’ve got us a convey… Love it!

    What an epic, momentous, historical event! And you guys are part of that! Totes cool.

    Also, may favourite part of the video was hearing your voice. Miss your face x

  2. Too funny. Really cool that you share this. Music with video is perfect and reading your blog before watching movie puts it so much better into context. Congrats Shaz, amazing job.
    Margie x

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