Saikhan shinlereei

Wow, has it really been this long? To say that work has gotten in the way of life in the past couple of months is an understatement.

So, I intended for this to be a Happy New Year video… but now is seems fitting that it is a Happy Year of the Snake video…

I apologise for the length of the video. It seems a little self-indulgent to have a video this long about me… but it’s not just about me. It’s about all the awesome people that made my 2012 such an amazing year. Thank you!

Oh, and saikhan shinlereei, which I think is ‘happy lunar new year’ in Mongolian. Although they do keep laughing at me, which makes me think I am saying ‘my husband is a goat’.

Anyway, go get yourself some popcorn and a bottle of wine… and enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Saikhan shinlereei

  1. Shan, the video is fantastic – you are so talented and creative. Boy you guys have done heaps last year. We really loved catching up with you and Jilly when you were in BJ. Shame we didn’t get to visit you in UB. You never know we may get there one day when you are still there. love to you and Kai. Missing you guys.

  2. Loved it! I smiled all the way through – you’ve been so busy, been to so many places and had so many little adventures. So nice to bd able to share in your memories from the past year.

    And …was that a tank?!

  3. 2012 certainly a busy year for you guys – not sure about the year of the “snake”!! the way I feel that the only good snake is a dead one, not sure if this year will be that lucky for me!!

  4. Hi Shan, Just loved the video! You are very clever and what an amazing year. I tried to email our newsletter to an email address I had, not sure if you got it. Would love to catch up with you & Kia when you’re next in Oz. Love to you both.

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