Good times

You know, living in Mongolia (and before that China) is not without its challenges. I’ve recently started to get a bit homesick. For strange things, like smooth roads, big parks where you can play soccer (not that I play soccer), clearly defined pedestrian crossings and knowing that there’s a resonable amount of consistency between lattes. And of course, I miss my family and friends.

But I was flipping through some of the 100s of photos that have never made it to Shantasia. Mostly because they didn’t really fit as a post topic or theme, and because work kinda got in the way of how much time I can devote to posts. But these photos started to create their own theme: the bloody good times I’ve had with some really awesome people.

PS. I should point out that I haven’t captured everyone in this video… but if you’ve met me in the last two years, then it’s safe to assume I heart you too!

One thought on “Good times

  1. I love it Shannon =) the pictures, the music they are just great and specially the people in the pictures, some of them I know, miss them so much!

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