God save the Queen

So Queen Lizzie celebrated her diamond jubilee recently. So of course the Poms, Aussies and our Commonwealth cousins from Canadia and Seth Efricah got together to celebrate.

Pre-ball wardrobe malfunction... clearly Emma didn't look too concerned, champagne helps. But thank the Queen, Yvette had needle and thread.

Don't we look beautiful...

Queen Lizzie would have been so proud of us wearing tea cosies on our heads, right?

Stunning Sue, other wise known as Bombshell... for various reasons, depending on who you ask, but this night left no question: she was one hot tomale!

Ivan, are you saluting the Queen?

The guy on the right, Matt, is an American... there were a few of them there that night... which puzzled me... didn't they fight some war against the Monarchy? What's that, they were just there for the booze? Well sheesh, that practically makes them Australian!

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