I heart my friends

A couple of photos missing from the video of China were the ones of all of the wonderful friends I caught up with while travelling.

Not becuase they aren’t special enough.

Quite the contrary… I wanted to make a point of how happy I was to see them all.

Ian, my personal trainer from Beijing, and my infamous Shifu... yes, the guy who taught me how to use nunchuks!

As always, a treat catching up with Paul & Sandy

Oh Mrs Catchy, you always know how to make me smile!

Two of the prettiest girls I know - Heidi & Stefi

Brother Bayne! He really is my brother from another mother.

I even caught up with some friends from Mongolia, Batbold & Uyanga.

I made a new friend on the train, Richard. Turns out he knows a good friend of ours. Small world, eh? I've decided that '6 degrees of Kevin Bacon' is so last year, and you should try playing '6 degrees of Craig McBaron'.

One of the downsides of moving around so much is having to leave great friends. Of course, one of the plusses is I get to meet amazing people wherever I go. Oh, the cruel twist of irony and/or fate.

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