Craig (the dog)

So you were probably expecting a post on our amazing Paris/Venice/Florence/Naples/Rome trip, right? Well, in short, the trip was amazing. But slightly overshadowed by Craig (the dog).

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook (which is kind of weird, but no judgement here, well, maybe just a little), Kai and I found a dog. A puppy actually. A Mongolian mutt to be more precise.

We found her a little dazed and confused outside of the Chinggis Khan airport when we got back from Europe. So we scooped her up and took her home (she’s too young for rabies, right?). Yes, she was abandoned. No Chris, I did not steal her from some family who just tied her up outside while they went to get their Grandma from the plane. Well, I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Anyway, the puppy was only ever supposed to stay a couple of days with us, until we could find her a home. Which we did; miraculously the same afternoon we found her.

There just happens to be a series of events that happened after we gave her away that brought her back to us. The trigger was Kai falling heavy for this dog. It’s the puppy dog eyes. I use them too, and he’s a sucker for them. That’s how I get a cup of coffee made for me every morning, and that’s how Craig (the dog) got to stay with us.

The series of events kind of runs like this: Stripey Mike called a last-minute birthday dinner. Kai and I went. Kai begged Stripey Mike’s good friend and owner of the restaurant to text the guy to see if he was happy with Craig (we couldn’t write the text as he doesn’t speak English, and we don’t speak Mongolian). She went one step further and called. As it turns out, the family was not really happy with the puppy. A big commitment, a small apartment and they both worked (how this differs from our situation, I’m not sure). Anyway, a time was set for the next day and we were to go and collect the dog. From there, Batbold and Uyanga (who have since been named Craig’s godparents, or dogparents) helped us rescue the package. Even my hairdreser had a hand in her rescue. It was quite the mission.

So Craig (the dog) is back. And she has her godparents, loads of aunties and uncles, a dogsitter and our housekeeper comes an extra day to help out with her. Of course, we’re crazy for getting a dog in Mongolia. We know that. There’s this little thing where she has to go via a rabies-approved country for 6 months in order to get back into Australia. Sounds like a good excuse to get a job in the US or Hong Kong to me!

Does that answer all of your questions? What’s that? Why do we have a girl dog named Craig? Simple, why wouldn’t we?

Ok, fine… here’s the explanation. She’s in fact named after our dear friend, Craig (the person). When we walked into the house after picking her up at the airport (we still hadn’t checked whether boy or girl at that stage), I said to her: “you’re more than welcome to stay for a few days, but please don’t destroy our house.” I turned to Kai and said, “that kinda sounds like what I say to Craig when he comes to stay.”

And so for 12 hours her name was Craig, and then when we got her back, we continued to call her Craig. We’ve considered changing her name several times. But to what? Nothing seems to fit as well as Craig. We even developed a Pros & Cons list.


Cons for calling our female dog after one of our male friends

  • It’s a boy’s name, and she’s, err, a girl.
  • It’s a little awkward when you have a good friend called Craig, and you find yourself saying things like this to your dog called Craig:
  • Craig, I’ll give you another Schmacko if you poo outside.
  • Craig, can you stop eating out of the garbage bins?
  • Kai, I have a confession to make, Craig slept in our bed last night while you were away.
  • Craig, can you give me a bit of privacy,  I’m trying to take a shower.
  • Craig, stop drinking out of the toilet!


Pros for calling our female dog after one of our male friends

  • It’s trendy to give girls boy’s names and vice versa, and Kai and I live to be on trend.
  • We’re pretty sure she’s going to have crazy hair, just like Craig (the person).
  • Being able to say “Craig, you’re such a girl!” makes us laugh, every time.