Good times

You know, living in Mongolia (and before that China) is not without its challenges. I’ve recently started to get a bit homesick. For strange things, like smooth roads, big parks where you can play soccer (not that I play soccer), clearly defined pedestrian crossings and knowing that there’s a resonable amount of consistency between lattes. And of course, I miss my family and friends.

But I was flipping through some of the 100s of photos that have never made it to Shantasia. Mostly because they didn’t really fit as a post topic or theme, and because work kinda got in the way of how much time I can devote to posts. But these photos started to create their own theme: the bloody good times I’ve had with some really awesome people.

PS. I should point out that I haven’t captured everyone in this video… but if you’ve met me in the last two years, then it’s safe to assume I heart you too!

Mighty convicts

So it seems the good people from the Motherland can’t handle their grog as well as their mighty convict cousins. I guess it’s just another thing we’re better at…

PS. I would feel bad taking all the glory for this post. It was a suggestion submitted by Craig, while we were drinking plentiful amounts of the pictured beer (notice the crushed empties in the background). So I guess I’m taking requests these days. Feel free to submit your own ideas – I probably won’t entertain them, but you could give it a go.

Big brother

Today my big brother celebrates his birthday. That may imply I have a little brother. I don’t – one’s enough ;).

The geographical distance between us might be great, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think of him often. He’s a great brother, and an even greater friend.

Fashion show

Until I moved to Mongolia, I never knew how much you could do with cashmere. Skirts, dresses, leggings… I’ve seen some cool stuff. And I am the proud owner of a couple of pieces myself.

To give you an idea of how stylish and chic it can be, I took some pics during a fashion show we stumbled upon at the Gobi Cashmere mega store (we were there to get my friend Em fitted for a cashmere coat).

But just when the crowd thought the show was over (it might have had something to do with the models doing the final catwalk), out came Stripy Mike in a very slick cashmere suit! Clearly, he stole the show.