For the Aussies reading this: What do you get when you stick a rissole inside a pasty?

For the Nebraskans reading this: What do you get when you stick a meat pattie inside a Runza?

For everyone else: I got nothin’!


The International Women’s Association of Mongolia recently posted a link to a recipe on their Facebook page. So I thought, why not, live on the edge, let’s make Khuushuur for dinner!

They're essentially meat patties / rissoles inside dough. Fyi - this is them pre cooking!

Living in these far-away lands has made me very resourceful. No rolling pin? No problem! There's always a wine bottle on hand!

Just don't forget to put the lid back on after you take a swig and before you start rolling again!

Then you fry them up (hey, I never said they were healthy!)

And ta daaaaaa! Delish!

Now, if I was a better food blogger, like my friend Jen who writes Paddington Pantry then you would get a step-by-step recount, hilarious commentary and some highly stylised photos. Hmm… come to think of it, you’d just get an overall better blog experience.

Go read her latest post On grapefruit…
Seriously… the award for best line in a blog goes to: And why does such an ordinary tasting fruit have to be so comically large?

FYI: I’d love to link to the recipe I used, but it seems the website is now down. But a simple search for “Khuushuur recipe” will throw back many results – so be a devil, and why not make them yourself!

Winter wonderland

A few days before we left on our Honkers holiday, it snowed in UB. It was not the first snow for the winter, but it was my first snow for the winter.

Here are snaps I took from the warm comforts of my apartment:

One of the more common questions I am asked is about the weather. Yes, it gets very cold here. In the dead of winter you can expect -40 temperatures (so I am told… I am yet to experience the joys of a Mongolian winter for myself). But today it is a balmy 1 degree, and tomorrow it will shoot up to 4. I had imagined it was going to be -40 for 8 months of the year. I am pleased to report that this is not the case. It should only be two months of the year!

Horse riding

This will no doubt amuse some of you, but twice in one week I found myself on a horse.

(why is it that I can visualise one of my oldest friends, Jules, laughing hysterically at this?!)

But with such stunning scenery, it’s a no brainer as to why I’ve signed up for more horseback adventures… even the sub-zero temperatures that are about to hit will not stop this Jillaroo-wannabe from going (it’s in my blood!).

FYI: the location is in Terelj national park – about 40km out of UB.

Familiar faces

You don’t tend to think of UB as a popular stopover city. But in just one week we had two friends pass through. I suppose it helps that they’re working on a project in the Southern Gobi (as you do), but still, I hope it keeps up, because it’s always a treat seeing familiar faces!

Thanks for visiting Bill!

Hey Cleary, bet you're jealous you didn't get a kiss from me!

New hometown

Ulan Bator is rough and ready; a frontier town. It isn’t very sparkly or glamorous, but it has a strange charm about it. After a month of living here, I find the city quite endearing.

Here are some snaps I took on a recent drive around town… nothing terribly exciting, but with you lot pestering me for pictures I thought it time I showed off my new hometown!

Hello Kitty high-tops

You can imagine my delight when I saw these Hello Kitty high-tops in a shop window in Hong Kong (fyi: I’m enjoying a week’s holiday here at the moment).

So you can also imagine my disappointment when Kai said he would not buy them for my birthday… which is only a few weeks away. I mean, they are the perfect gift – right?

Please leave Kai a message below as to why you think he should buy them for me. Together we can convince him… surely?

Aussie Kids

On my recent mad dash back to Oz, I got to do one of my favourite things: hang out with my brother’s kids.

These kids are active. I love that about them. As the world struggles with a child obesity crisis, these four kids are fit, healthy and well-balanced. It’s a testament to the time and effort my brother and sister-in-law invest. They are truly amazing parents.

Having spent several months in China, where space and fresh air are unheard of, their outdoor lifestyle was even more exaggerated.

I wanted to share some of the photos here a) because these kids are cute but also b) I think a lot of my city dwelling friends will get a kick out of seeing how these true-blue Aussie kids live!


Willie loves helping out in the yard, especially if he can drive the mower!


Dress-ups with vests from Mongolia!


These boots are not really made for walking...


A bit of backyard cricket, with the trampoline as the wicket keeper!


What do you do when big brothers don't include you? Have your own game of cricket!


Jump around. Jump around. Jump up, jump up, and get down!


Snacks are essential for keeping up energy! A bowl of cold watermelon is one of Willie's favourites!


How many kids can you fit on a golf buggy? At least 7! (fyi - they were just dropping the next door neighbour kids home... it's a long walk!)


What's this? These kids actually watch TV? Oh, it's the footy grand final!


The footy final was a family affair!


A quick dip is a must on a hot North Queensland day


Willie was not allowed to go skinny dipping, so he sat in the shade in a silent protest!


Back flips off the side of the pool - I loved doing those!


How high can you go?!


All this running around is exhausting - so Willie lined up for a poolside massage!


Hey kids - I love you!