Tower III

The tallest building in Beijing is Tower III at the China World Trade Centre. It has 81 floors, with the top floor dedicated to drinking very expensive cocktails and on bright, sunny days, admiring the view.

Many of you have (kind of) seen Tower III in my series of smog photos…


One day it completely disappeared from sight, but I was relieved it was because of heavy rain and not smog.

And the heavy rain washed away the smog and Tower III once again dominated the view from our apartment window.

After dinner on Saturday night, I captured it from a new angle. I think it kinda makes it look like I am living in Gotham City.

Some famous guy

So this guy walked into the Fisheye Cafe in Sanlitun today, and I had no idea who he was, but he was obviously someone famous as everyone went nuts. To start with no one made much fuss, but then it obviously dawned on them that they were in the presence of someone great, and they all started giggling nervously and wanted their photo taken with him.

I watched with fascination until eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore: I wanted my photo taken with him too!

Points to anyone who can tell me who he is.