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  1. So many things to ‘like’ about this blog: snacks on a train, a pink dining cart, entering via a crotch, packing sports bra’s, vodka, costumes, Kai ‘the Gladiator’, blue skies and the love of Australia.

  2. Kai should embrace the Crowe and incorporate some Gladiator lines into his job as a scheduler:
    “At my command, unleash hell…by which I mean stage 3.”

  3. Looks amazing. Next time we hit Asia, you can be our tour guide in Mongolia!

    But Shan, I’ve told you time and time again, Kai doesn’t look like Rusty Crowe. Rusty Crowe looks like Kai!

  4. LOVE the photo of you in native dress! Hope you consider that for Christmas cards this year. Thanks for the blog,

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